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About Me

Hi, I’m Lori Sammartino, Repurposed School Teacher. I’m the original seed planter behind the scenes at Bloom Into Being, LLC, since 2006 when I stepped out of my kindergarten teaching job with Pittsburgh Public Schools and began growing my dream of bringing fresh stARTs and new blossom-bilities to women and youth in the Pittsburgh region.

Mentor. Life Purpose Coach. Some of the first seeds I got to plant were in growing my training and experience, first as a coach at Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International, and then by serving as a leader/facilitator for online mentor training for an awesome ministry called More to Be.

Accidental Artist/stARTist. With retirement from teaching came a less structured schedule too. (How nice it was to be able to use the bathroom whenever I wanted to! Those are luxuries elementary teachers don’t take for granted. Trust me)! But I digress…. I had always noticed curbside cast-offs of good, solid pieces of furniture (and a whole lotta doors and windows too) tossed along the roadside while commuting back n’ forth to school daily, and often I’d daydream about being able to take some of those pieces and rehab them with my students, showing them how it in fact was possible to make something beautiful from virtually nothing. (So many of my kiddos really never had the opportunity to experience the joy of “ownership” or the pride of taking personal responsibility to care for something that was truly all theirs. But I knew I couldn’t swing the rehab project idea in kindergarten since it wasn’t in the Common Core Curriculum)! Then one day, post-retirement of course, I actually got up the courage to pull over while driving and retrieve some of those unwanted doors for myself. And thus began my repurposing adventures with the hope of bringing “Doors to the Future” or “Windows of Opportunity” to anyone who could benefit from a spark of new hope. No formal art training. Just my love of creative “center time” in my kindergarten classroom spilling over into the transformation of beautiful new creations and fresh stARTs for found items and common everyday objects.

Needless, to say, without realizing it at the time, that message – transformation into a beautiful new creation – well, that was becoming the mainstay belief of Bloom as an organization.

Over time, I acquired quite a collection of repurposed goods in my garage which ultimately prompted my opening of Re-stARTistry on Etsy. (Heck, you can’t bring new items into the garage to work on without moving out some of the old), and just like that, I’d become an accidental artist.

Soul Nurturer. Dream Igniter. Bloom-inista. Creative Coach. Story Writer. Well, with the garage bursting at the seams from the growing stash of repurposed goods, I needed to find a new interest that would take up less storage space, right? (Well, that’s what hubs was hoping! ~Mind you, he did get his wish). And although at this point, I began wondering if all of my years of teaching experience had been for nothing, it turns out I just needed to wait a tad longer for the next page of my story to unfold. (By the way, I’m all about “story.” I offer a workshop on that theme too. Lots of good fun if you’re interested)! But for now, back to my story. God in His infinite goodness showed up once more when I found out that I’d won an online art journaling class, one I’d registered for on a whim! It was a class that helped give me a tangible, hands-on way to connect life coaching techniques with creative expressive arts, and from there, we’ve managed to arrive full-circle back at present day.

So there you have it. Never before had I realized how transformative art could be to our ideas, feelings, and stories. Art heals and offers a sense of renewal, hope, and fresh stARTs, and that’s why I’m inspired to share Bloom’s offerings with you, your children, your communities.

Thanks for hanging with me for my whole story. I can’t wait for a chance to connect with you and hear yours! Leave me a message at or comment on our Facebook page.